Housekeepers, maintenance-people and inspectors can use the Task Manager app to remotely manage their jobs and satisfy each of the Questions/Requirements configured in the Task Templates. If they have been set up as a contact in the system and have any kind of job assigned to them, they are ready to use Task Manager.

The mobile app is web-browser based, so it can be used on any modern smart-phone or internet-browsing device. It's also multi-lingual and works offline, maximizing  accessibility for the most diverse or remote teams.

The app shows all assigned jobs for the staff member in an 8-week period, and allows them to prioritise based on the type of job, whether it's a back-to-back clean, and more filters. The staff member is walked through each of the sections, items, questions, and requirements set forth by the management company in the Task Templates. The Task can only be marked as complete once all questions, requirements, and photo uploads have been satisfied. The staff are also able to report issues using the app. If something is missing or broken, an issue report is made, which allows the management company to create new cleans, work orders, and inspections as follow-ups to the reported issues.

This tutorial covers the following:

  1. Creating Task Manager App user Accounts
  2. Logging into the Task Manager App
  3. Using the Navigation Menu
  4. The My Tasks Workspace
  5. The Task Summary
  6. Satisfying the Questions & Requirements
  7. Reporting Issues.



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