If at any time an issue occurs, or there is a problem with the condition of something to the degree that it’s necessary to contact the property manager, an Issue Report can be created. For example, perhaps valuable items within the home are missing or damaged, or there's a carpet stain that requires deep cleaning.

Each property management company will tell their users which circumstances constitute an Issue report.

To report an issue:

  1. From the Task Summary, select the “Details” tab.
  2. Select “Issues” from the list. A screen will appear where any reported Issues are listed.
  3. Select “New” in the top-right to report a new Issue.
  4. Enter a title for the Issue.
  5. Enter a description of the Issue.
  6. Select “Save” in the top-right to submit the Issue report.

The reported Issue will be sent to the management company’s CiiRUS account for review. The management company can convert it to a different Task Type for deeper clean, maintenance, or inspection.



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