From the Reservations Manager, all bookings can be viewed for the selected unit.

The following actions can be made from the Reservations Manager:

  • Add a new booking
  • Create a tentative booking
  • Add a blackout period
  • Cancel a booking
  • Edit an existing booking
  • Search and filter for information
  • View category type, guest information, arrival/departure information, financial information
  • Show comments and canceled bookings
  • Print and send bookings
  • Send confirmation emails
  • View booking history


To access the Reservations Manager, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Reservations Manager

First, select the unit from the unit Chooser dropdown:

The table will display all bookings for the unit that was selected.

From the table, see the following booking information:

  1. Booking Category
  2. Arrival and Departure dates
  3. Number of nights
  4. Guest name
  5. Total amount
  6. Amount paid
  7. Amount due
  8. Booking ID
  9. Balance Due Date

Apply Filters

The following filters can be applied:

1. "Show bookings since" - Specify the date to show all bookings from this date

2. "Show Canceled?" - to include canceled bookings in the table, check this checkbox.

After applying the filters, click the "Refresh" button to load the results:

Additional filters can also be applied within each column. For instance, quickly find a booking by typing in the guest name in the white space under the "Name" column:

List or Calendar View

The Reservations Manager can display a list or calendar view for the selected unit. The calendar view can be useful to see the unit's availability at a quick glance.

Add a New Booking

New bookings can easily be added from the Reservations Manager. Make sure the correct unit has been chosen from the unit Chooser, and then click on "Add Booking."

From the "Add Reservation" window, specify the following:

  1. Make sure the correct unit is selected
  2. The type (reservation or black-out dates)
  3. Is the booking tentative? (meaning, not yet confirmed but a hold on the calendar)
  4. Arrival date
  5. Departure date
  6. Guest first and last name
  7. The booking category (Management Company is the default)
  8. Is it an owner reservation?
  9. Is it tax exempt?
  10. Use Length of Stay (LoS) Pricing?
  11. Does it have pool heat charged?
  12. Click "Add" to add the booking

After adding the booking, the Total Booking Summary (TBS) will open. The TBS is essentially the booking folio, where all details of the booking can be viewed such as the pricing, additional booking extras, housekeeping, payment processing, etc.

To view more information on the TBS, please click here to read the full manual.

The Shortcut Menu

From the Booking Manager, the shortcut menu provides easy access to common tasks (see image below).

To activate the shortcut menu, click on the "three-dot" icon beside the booking or right click on a booking.

  1. Total Booking Summary: view or edit the booking
  2. Move Booking: select a different unit to move the booking into
  3. Send Confirmation: send an email on-demand from the booking to a guest or owner
  4. Credit Card Payment Link: send a payment link to a guest for the rental payment or security deposit
  5. Booking Action History: see all activity for the booking such as the date and staff member that made the change
  6. Print Booking: print, email or export the booking report for the selected booking
  7. Add New Booking: another way to add a booking for the selected unit
  8. Copy Booking: duplicate the booking into another unit
  9. Cancel Booking: cancel the booking

Cancel a Booking

From the Reservations Manager, a booking can be canceled. To do so, either click the "three-dot" icon or right click on the applicable booking. Select "Cancel Booking" from the short-cut menu.

A confirmation will appear. Click "Yes" to proceed with canceling the booking:

Please note, once a booking is canceled, it cannot be undone.



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