If a compatible merchant account processor has been configured, then payments made online or through the Total Booking Summary can be processed within the system.  

Typically, any bookings made online where the Property Manager is the merchant of record (website, Vrbo, Booking.com), the payment will automatically process and apply to the booking.

In cases where the guest has paid using the CiiRUS secure payment link, the payment will come through as pending and will need to be physically processed.

Again, before payment can be processed in the system, a compatible merchant account must be configured and the accepted credit card types must be added.

Accepted Credit Card Types

To add the accepted card types, go to:

  1. Global Settings
  2. Software Settings Assistant

Navigate to "Accepted Card Types" from the drop-down menu:

Click the “Plus” icon and type the card name, for example “Visa” and then match it to the system type. If applicable, enter the percentage to charge the owner a credit card fee for processing payment on owner bookings. It will automatically apply this percentage to the owner’s payment.

If using multiple merchant accounts, specify the gateway to use for the card type. For more information on multi-merchant accounts, please click here.

Click the “Save” icon.

Channel/Website Bookings

Depending on the Booking Source, the way to process credit card payments will vary.

For website bookings or channel partner bookings, where the Property Manager is the merchant of record, the system will auto-process the down-payment, or full payment depending on the balance due configuration, and store the guest credit card information in the system.

This means that the remaining balance can be processed directly from the booking, or the system can automatically process the remaining balance if a valid credit card is on file, on the balance due date.

To physically take payment from the booking, open the Reservation Folio for the applicable booking and click on the “Payments” tab.

This tab will show any processed payments. See the transaction date, payment type and method, description, card type, and the amount.

Under the “Totals” panel, reference the amount due and under the "Balance Due Settings" see the date that the balance is due.  

To see the stored payment method for this guest, select “Credit Card Payments”. To add an alternative credit card, click the “Add” button and fill out the billing and card details.

To process payment, click “Take Payment” and enter the amount to process. It is important to specify the correct payment type, “Rental Payment” so the system knows to process this amount from the selected credit card.  

Specify the guest card under the payment method and click to take payment now. Click ‘Process’ to process the payment  an approved or declined message will appear.

If successfully processed, a new line item will appear under the Payments window to reflect that the payment was processed from the guest credit card.  

To save time, the system can auto-process the remaining balance, if enabled. Please click here for more information on how to enable this feature.

Direct Bookings

Alternatively, for direct bookings where a valid credit card has not yet been entered, a secure credit card link can be sent to the guest for them to submit their billing details by clicking on “Payment Link.”  

Select “Rental Payment” as the payment type and enter the applicable amount. Click copy to paste the link in an email to the guest or ‘View in Browser’ to preview the payment page.

Once a card payment has been submitted by a guest or an owner, it will appear as a pending transaction to be physically processed to take the funds.

At this point, the guest will receive a notification that their payment has been submitted, but not yet processed.

Payment Processing Screen

To process a payment, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Payment Processing

From the table, see any pending transactions that need to be processed:

Be sure to have the correct filters applied to the table by clicking on "Date Filters" and entering a wide date range.

Highlight the correct transaction and then click “Take Payment.” To email a notification to the owner or to the guest, check the boxes and then click “Process.” An approval message or declined message will then appear. If approved it will automatically apply it to the reservation as a received payment, or to the owners account as a credit.

Process a Refund

To process a refund to a guest or owner on file, locate the transaction by applying the correct filter parameters. Make sure to specify the correct “Start and End Date” for all transactions by clicking on “Date Filters”. Click on “Additional Filters” and set each filter to “All” to load all transactions.

Locate the transaction or payment to refund and then click “Refund.”

Enter the amount and then click to process.  An approved or declined message will appear. If approved, the refund will automatically apply to the reservation or to the owners account.

Depending on the connected merchant account, some credit card processing company's only allow a refund to be processed 24 hours after processing the payment.

Additionally, some company's will not allow a refund to be processed after 90 days of payment being processed. If a refund is required after 90 days, it will need to be processed via the merchant portal rather than in CiiRUS.

Credit Card Email Templates

An automated email is sent when a transaction is made. These emails that are sent can be customized; however, the system will send the default email if the custom email template checkbox has not been enabled. To customize the templates based on the transaction type, click on the “Email Templates” tab

A custom email can be created for each credit card scenario. Choose the transaction type from the drop-down menu. For instance, create the template for when a “Rental Payment has been Submitted by a Guest.” Click to enable the custom template, enter the “Email Subject Line” and then the content or body of the email.  

Tags are used to display values. The list of available tags for each template type are displayed on the left of the screen. Create the body and add the appropriate tags by clicking on the tag, for each credit card type or transaction.

Repeat these steps for each credit card scenario.

Be sure to click the "Save" button:

Credit Card Payments Reports

To generate a report of all transactions, click on the “Card Payments” tab and apply the correct “Date Range,” the “Filter Type,” “Status,” “Charged / Refund,” or both and then click “Refresh.”

Whichever columns appear in the table is what will appear on the report. To add columns, click on the “Column Chooser” icon.

A list of all available columns for the credit card processing table will then appear. To add a column to the table, simply “Drag and Drop the Column” into the table. Once the correct filters have been applied and the columns have been added to the table, the table can be exported to Excel by clicking the “Export Data” icon.



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