The system can automatically process the remaining balance due on the balance due date if a valid credit card is on file for the guest.

This can save the property manager time instead of manually processing the remaining balance or contacting the guest for payment details.

Enable Auto-Process

The setting to auto-process the balance can be enabled/disabled on a per reservation source basis by going to:

  1. Global Settings
  2. Software Settings Assistant
  3. From the drop-down menu, select "Reservation Sources"

Take Balance Payment Automatically

To apply the setting on a per reservation source basis, for the applicable reservation sources, check the box in the "Automatically Process Balance Due" column:

It is highly recommend to send a notification of payment reminder to the guest that their upcoming payment will automatically be processed using the card on file. A CRM email can be created to automatically send out a few days prior to the balance due date.

Please click here to read the full manual on the CRM.

How to Override the Auto-Process Payment Setting on a Booking

To override this setting on a booking, open the Total Booking Summary and click on the "Payments" tab.

Based on what was configured within the Booking Category, under the Balance Due Settings Panel a black square within the checkbox will indicate to use the default setting: If the auto-process payment has been enabled for this Booking Category, it can be overridden by clicking the checkbox ‘Do not auto-process balance payment’. A checkmark will appear in the box.

Likewise, if the auto-process payment has not been enabled for this Booking Category, it can be overridden by clicking the checkbox twice, so the system knows to automatically process the balance for this reservation. The checkbox should appear empty.

Once the system auto-processes the payment, a line item will appear within the Total Booking Summary under the Payment Tab to show that payment has been taken.

If the card on file was declined, a notification would be sent to the email on file, and the transaction would appear as ‘Declined’ under the Credit Card Processing screen.



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