Quotes made by a guest on the website or a quote generated directly in the system by the reservation team are saved directly in the system and can be located within "Saved Quotes." All quotes are stored and available from the same pool.

From a saved quote, the details of the quote can be emailed to the guest or the quote can be made tentative or converted into a confirmed booking.


To access saved quotes, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Saved Quotes

How to View Saved Quotes

  1. Use the Filter/Search options to view quotes issued between the specified dates or by a quote reference number
  2. Click "Refresh"
  3. Click on the "Gear" icon to the left of a quote to open the Total Quote Summary

Total Quote Summary

The "Total Quote Summary" (TQS) is similar to the "Reservation Folio."

The header displays basic information of the quote such as the ID, the Property, Arrival and Departure Dates, the Guest Name and email address.

From the TQS, the pricing breakdown including the base rental amount, the cleaning fee, booking fee, pool heat, and taxes can be viewed or modified.

Simply click on a field to override the amount. Or click on "Quote Actions" and select "Set quote total" to override the grand total of the quote including tax. This is a great tool if the price has been negotiated with the potential guest.

Before sending the quote to the guest, any extra’s that the guest has requested such as a BBQ Grill Rental or a Welcome Pack, can be added by clicking on the “Extras” Tab and then clicking “Add”.

Email Quote

Before confirming the booking, the guest may request an email breakdown with the quote. To send an email to the guest from the TQS, click "Quote Actions," and choose "Email Quote."

Select the quote template from the drop-down menu and enter the guest email address if it has not yet been populated. Multiple email addresses can be entered by typing a comma between the emails. Click "Send."

Email Multiple Quotes

One or more quotes can be emailed to the potential guest at once.

First, a quote must be generated and saved for the same guest. To learn more about how to save multiple quotes, please click here to read the manual.

To send multiple quotes in one email to the guest, go back to the "Saved Quotes" screen and:

  1. Type the guest name under the “Guest” column to locate the saved quotes for this guest and
  2. Click the check-box within the first column to select the quotes.
  3. Click “Email Quotes
  4. Select the “Multi-Quote” template from the drop-down menu. Add additional guest email addresses if applicable
  5. Click “Send”.

The guest will receive an email with a break-down of the requested quote.

Keep in mind, email templates can be customized within the CRM Module. Please click here for more information on how to create or modify email templates.

Convert a Quote into a Booking

After emailing the quote to the guest, if they call back later to confirm the booking, follow the steps above to locate the quote. Open the Total Quote Summary by clicking on the "gear" icon.

Click on "Quote Actions" and select "Convert Quote to Booking."

Click "Yes" to confirm:

The system will redirect to the Bookings Manager to see the booking for the applicable property. From the Bookings Manager, the Reservation Folio can be opened to view more details, take payment, and enter the guest contact information.

Please click here for more information on the Reservation Folio



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