The Property Manager can respond to Vrbo and Airbnb Inquires directly in CiiRUS. Additionally, email templates can be configured to auto-send to inquires.

 Vbro allows the Property Manger to respond through "Secure Messaging" meaning they do not support HTML in the response. It is important not to enter or paste any HTML code into these templates as Vrbo will strip out any HTML leaving the inquiring guest with a badly formatted and unreadable email response.


When an inquiry is received from Vrbo or Airbnb, it will pop-up as a notification at the top of the screen displaying the following:

  1. The Property ID, the Contact Name, Email, Telephone Number
  2. Information off when the Inquiry was submitted and Updated
  3. The Client Message window displays messages from the potential guest

To access the inquiry, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Quoting
  3. Web Inquiries

Website Inquiry Templates

To add a new template, go to:

  1. Management Company > CRM
  2. Newsletters & Templates
  3. Click the "New Template" Button
  4. In the "Add Template" box that appears, add a new email template by filling in the fields. The category must be "Email Quote." Click "Save."
  5. Click the "Edit" icon and then check the box in the "Plain Text" column

Next, add the content of the template. Keep in mind, no HTML is permitted. It must be Plain Text only.

Plain text templates cannot allow HTML. CiiRUS tokens that insert HTML are not permitted. Non-HTML tokens will still function as expected. Only the following 2 tokens are accepted for Plain text templates when sent to Vrbo:

1. [ha_detailsbacklink]

-This will insert a link to take the user back to the Vrbo listing details page.

2. [ha_bookingbacklink]

-This will insert a link to take the user back to the Vrbo Booking page.

Please the following examples of a Vrbo auto responder:

"Dear [guestname].

Thank you for your interest in renting the home and requesting a quote. You have requested a quote for: [ha_detailsbacklink]. Our property management system is directly linked with VRBO and HomeAway. The availability of the home in real time and the price quoted on the VRBO or HomeAway website is accurate. Guests can now book directly on VRBO/HomeAway without having to contact the home owner. In order to see the detailed quote please go to the or website and search for the home. Input the dates, click on "View Details" and then you can see the complete breakdown of the total cost. If you want to proceed with making the booking just click on "Continue Booking" and input all your details. If you wish to discuss this further please reply to this message.[ha_bookingbacklink]."


"Hi [guestfirstname]

Thank you for your inquiry on [propertytitle]. Our team will get back to you shortly to answer your questions, thank you for your patience!"

Assign the Template

The email quote template will need to be assigned in Vrbo within the Channel Manager.

To do so, go to:

  1. Channel Manager
  2. Channel Partners
  3. Vrbo (Homeaway) or Airbnb

Click on "Templates" located in the upper right corner of the table:

From the window, assign the template to each option:

The exact same steps can be taken to configure the auto-responder for Airbnb Inquires.



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