CiiRUS contains more than 50 instant reports that export into a variety of different formats. The tables and charts in CiiRUS feature custom filtering and drag-and-drop customization.

The standard reports are categorized based on the following:

  1. Arrivals & Departures
  2. Bookkeeping & Accounting
  3. Housekeeping
  4. Occupancy
  5. Property Details
  6. Reservations
  7. Work Orders


To access the standard reports, go to:

  1. Operations
  2. Reports

The drop-down contains a list of all of the available reports:

Either scroll down the list to locate the report or if the name is known, enter a keyword into the search field to filter the results:

Generate a Report

Depending on the selected report, additional filters may be required to open the report. For example, to see all upcoming arrivals, select the "Expected Arrivals" Report and enter the applicable date range, such as the week ahead. Then click "View Report."

A new tab will open within the browser with the report. The "Expected Arrivals" report shows all arrivals for the date range that was applied with basic details such as the property name, address, guest name, arrival and departure dates, if it is back-to-back, and any cart extras assigned.

Export or Email a Report

The standard reports can be saved, printed, or exported as any common file type. Select the applicable icon from the top bar:

Common Reservation Reports

It is recommended to pull the following common reports based on the needs of the Property Manager:

  1. Expected Arrivals: Upcoming arrivals
  2. Departures: Upcoming departures
  3. Pool Heat On/Off: If the booking has pool heat
  4. Specific Booked Cart Items: All cart extras and the totals
  5. Full Payment Details: Payments that have been collected via the credit card processor, check, or other.

Common Reconciliation Bookkeeping Reports

In addition to the reports listed above, it is also recommended to pull the following reports to help balance the accounts after finalizing the monthly owner statements. These reports are useful to see what owner funds are held in the account, for example, minimum owner account balances and revenue due to the owner that have not been physically paid yet.

  1. Owner Account Balances: Owner Funds Held in Account
  2. All Owner Accounts by Category (Detailed and/or Summary): Profits Due to the Property Manager
  3. Revenue Report: MC Commission / Booking Fees
  4. Undeparted Bookings- Payments in Hand: Funds Held in the Account for Future Bookings
  5. Housekeeping Margin Report
  6. Cart Extra Margin: (Located in Reservations & Quoting > Cart Settings)
  7. Work Order Margin Report (Located in Management Company > Work Orders)

Please note, all of the standard reports are pre-configured and apply for all CiiRUS users, therefore, they cannot be customized. For custom reporting, please click here to read the manual on the Booking List Custom Reporting.



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