What is a Security Deposit?

A security deposit is a temporary hold of funds that is placed to the guest credit card on file in case any incidentals or damages occur during their stay. Typically, the security deposit is processed on the day of arrival and refunded on the departure date upon inspection of the property and if no damages are found.

Please keep in mind, the security deposit is not auto-processed. Follow the steps in this manual to learn how to physically process the security deposit.

How to Process a Security Deposit in CiiRUS

To process a security deposit, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Reservations List

Apply a wide date-range by selecting the Start and End Date. Then, from the "Arrival" column, filter for the bookings arriving today that are ready to have the deposit processed.

Booking Summary (Payments)

Next, double click on the booking to open the Reservation Folio:

  1. Click on the Payments tab
  2. If a valid card is already on file for the guest, click on Take Payment
  3. Enter the security deposit amount
  4. Specify Security Deposit (auth only) as the Payment Type

It is very important to specify the correct payment type- ‘Security Deposit’ so the system knows how to treat the payment. Since the security deposit is typically not taxable and is refunded back to the guest, the security deposit does not affect the booking total and is treated as a separate hold on to the guest card.

5.   Specify the guest card under the payment method

6.   Click the checkbox to Take Payment Now

7.   Click "Process" to process the security deposit  

8.   An approved or declined message will appear.

If successfully processed, a new line item will appear under the Payments window to reflect that the security deposit was taken against the booking.

Using a Different Payment Method

If there is not a valid card on file for the guest, or the guest would like to use a different payment method to process the security deposit,

  1. Click on Credit Card Payments
  2. Enter the billing and card details,
  3. Click Add

Then proceed with the prior steps to process the security deposit.

Pending Transactions

Once the guest has submitted the security deposit via the payment link, a pending transaction will appear under:

  1. Reservations
  2. Payment Processing
  1. Select the pending transition
  2. Click "Authorize Only"
  3. Click to send a notification to the guest if desired
  4. Click "Process"

An approved or declined message will appear

Please keep in mind, authorizing the security deposit, just places a hold on the guest's credit card. It does not physically process these funds.

How to Release the Security Deposit

This varies depending on the financial institutions and credit card types. We recommend contacting the Credit Card Processing company to see if the security deposit can be auto-released on the desired date

Configuring Security Deposits for Vrbo

For more details on how to configure a security deposit template to itemize the price on Vrbo bookings, please click here to read the manual.



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