Once the cleaning date has passed for any reservation type, the system will trigger the clean to apply to the Owner Accounts. Select the applicable cleans to charge to the owner or mark to don't charge owner to prevent charging the Owner Account and permanently remove from the table.


To access Process Cleans, go to:

  1. Accounting > Day to Day Bookkeeping
  2. Process Cleans to Owner

Specify the date to show cleans since, cleans before this date will not appear in the table:

The table displays the following data:

  1. Unit Name
  2. Guest Name
  3. Reservation Source
  4. Nights
  5. Statement Date
  6. Housekeeper and Housekeeping Type
  7. Amount to Owner

The amount to the owner will automatically populate if the owner cleaning fee has been populated in the Listing Assistant. For more information on how to apply the charge, please click here.

The fee to charge the owner can be changed by clicking into the field and entering the amount.

Filter the Table

Typically, the property manager only charges the owner a cleaning fee for "Owner Stays" and "Owner Bookings." The table can be filtered to only display these types of bookings by the Reservation Source.

First, make sure a date has been specified to only load new cleans to charge to the owner. For example, if the property manager is generating the January statements, choose "Jan 1" as the show cleans since date. Only completed cleans from January 1st and onward will appear:

Then, to filter the table based on the source, hover over the "Reservation Source" column and click the "funnel" icon within the column and select "OR" for Owner Reservation and "OS" for Owner Stays:

The table will load all Owner Reservations and Owner Stays from January 1st that are ready to be processed to the owner:

Process Cleans

Check the boxes within the first column for the cleans to be processed (1), then press"Process Selected" (2) to send the selected cleans to the owner statements.

Records can also be ignored (3) - records that are checked as 'Don't Charge the Owner' do not go to the owner statements and will simply be removed from the table.

If it appears that a clean is missing from the table, first check that the clean was added to the reservation/housekeeping schedule, and then ensure that the cleaning date has passed and that the clean is marked as complete.



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