CiiRUS is proud to announce the new integration with CSA Travel Insurance, now known as Generali Global Assistance.

Generali Global Assistance

Generali Global Assistance, formerly doing business as CSA Travel Protection, has been a leading provider of travel insurance and assistance services for nearly 30 years, with a focus and expertise in the vacation rental industry. They offer a full suite of innovative, customized travel insurance and emergency services designed to protect travelers’ trip investments and provide the peace of mind one deserves while traveling. Generali Global Assistance is part of Generali Group, one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

With the integration, CiiRUS users can offer insurance to their guests to protect their trip, or damage protection to protect the unit. The guest can opt into purchasing travel or damage insurance upon booking their stay on the website, or the insurance can be added directly to the reservation in the system.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance helps protect a guest from certain unexpected and potentially costly events that can occur before or during their trip. One of the most common reasons people consider travel insurance is to help protect the money that they’ve spent on their vacation. Insurance coverage for trip cancellation can reimburse the guest for unused, non-refundable, prepaid trip costs if they need to cancel their trip for a covered reason, such as sickness, job loss, flight cancellation due to adverse weather and more.

What is Vacation Rental Damage Protection?

Damage Protection provides coverage for accidental damages during covered reservations. Offer guests a convenient alternative to traditional deposits. Can help cover costs to replace unintentionally damaged household items.

Why Offer Travel Insurance?

Integrated with CiiRUS for a seamless experience, Generali travel insurance and damage protection help protect your guests and grow your business. When your guests purchase protection, they get coverage and you earn revenue.

• Coverage for reservation cancellation and disruption

• Property damage protection for accidental damage

• Earn revenue and improve guest satisfaction

How to Sign-up with Generali Travel Insurance?  

Before integrating Generali to CiiRUS, the property manager must sign up to offer Travel Insurance.

Please visit Generali to get started or call 866-999-4018.

After signing up, Generali will notify the CiiRUS Support Team and provide the proper documentation in order to enable your Travel Insurance product(s) in the CiiRUS software.

Please note, travel insurance can only be offered to guests located in the USA. Be sure that the guest address and contact details are populated in the booking.

Getting Started in CiiRUS - Reservation Extras

CiiRUS will enable the integration for your CiiRUS account based on the policies you have been enabled to sell from Generali.

Upon enabling Generali for the account, the insurance extras will be created with the policy class attached.

To view the extras, go to:

  1. Reservations > Pricing & Fees
  2. Reservation Extras

Locate the insurance extras - the code is the Product Class or Product Code generated by Generali and the description is either "Generali Damage Protection," or "Generali Travel Insurance."

To view or edit the cart extra, select the "Edit" icon:

  1. Code Tab - see the code and description of the extra. Note, the insurance is an optional extra allowing the guest to opt in
  2. Taxes Tab - the insurance is typically not taxable
  3. Distributions Tab - for the damage protection, it is a fixed amount. For the travel insurance, it is a percentage of the grand total charged to the guest. Notice that the insurance policy class is assigned.

Please note, the travel insurance (percentage) is calculated off of the grand total of the reservation including taxes and any other additional fees or extras.

Add Insurance to a Reservation

To add insurance or damage protection to a reservation, locate the applicable reservation and open the Reservation Folio.

Before adding insurance, please ensure that the guest contact details are populated including their phone number, email address and address. Click on the "i" icon next to the guest name to add this information.

Also, please note, insurance extras can only be added to future reservations.

From the extras tab, click the "Add" button and select either travel insurance or damage protection:

After adding the extra, click the "insurance" icon to view the price, policy number and the total booking amount. To see more information about the coverage, click "View Coverages."

Generali will automatically send the policy and coverage information to the guest via email once the insurance has been added to the reservation.

Website Booker Upgrade (Still in Beta Testing)

The responsive booking page on the website will be upgraded to include the option for the guest to opt into damage protection rather than paying the security deposit. The CiiRUS Support Team will notify the Website Team once Generali has been enabled ready for the Website Team to complete the booking page update.

Once the connection with Generali has been established by the CiiRUS Support Team, the property manager will need to configure the insurance against the unit from the following options:

  1. Security Deposit OR Insurance
  2. Security Deposit AND Insurance

It is not recommended to select Security Deposit and Insurance, rather have one or the other for the guest to choose from.

This step must be completed in order for the insurance section to appear on the online website booker.

To configure this setting, go to:

  1. Owners & Listings
  2. Listings > Listing Assistant

Then select the applicable property from the "Unit Chooser" drop-down:

Select "Down Payment" from the menu:

Under the "Security Deposit" settings, select one of the following options:

To configure the Security Deposit template:

  1. Click "View/Edit Templates"
  2. Click the "Plus" icon to add a new template
  3. Enter a title, the amount, and a description
  4. Click the "Save" icon followed by the blue save button

Once the template has been created, specify it for this property by selecting the template from the drop-down:

Assign a security deposit template to each property. In doing so, the guest will be able to opt into an insurance policy upon checking out on the website. You do not have to create a template for every property. If some properties have the same security deposit terms, an existing template can be re-used.

In the Listing Assistant, if the property was enabled for "Security Deposit or Insurance" the website will reflect as such (see steps on how to configure this above). By default, the website will include the security deposit at whatever amount was set in the Listing Assistant.

Please keep in mind, the security deposit is a separate hold of funds on the guest card, and it does NOT process this payment at time of booking. Typically, the security deposit is processed on the day of arrival and released once the guest has departed if no damage has occurred. Click here to read the Security Deposit User Manual.

The guest has the option to pay the security deposit which will place a hold of funds on their card upon check-in, or they can opt into Generali Damage Protection instead of experiencing a hold on their card.

Example of the Website Booker:

Once the guest checks out, the insurance for the property protection will be verified and the property manager will receive an email notification to let them know that a guest opted into it.

Please keep in mind, the website only allows the property manager to list the security deposit or Damage Protection (a fixed amount). To re-market or upsell Travel Insurance, create an automated CRM email to send post-booking asking if the guest would like to add insurance to their stay.

Generali Insurance Audit Report

When adding damage protection or travel insurance in CiiRUS, the 'Insurance Audit Report' will automatically generate and log/audit all reservations that have insurance added.

To generate the report, go to:

  1. Operations
  2. Reports

From the drop-down menu, locate the "Generali Insurance Report" from the Miscellaneous category, or simply start typing the name of the report in the search bar:

Enter the desired date-range and specify to load bookings based on the purchase date or the arrival date, then click on "Export Report":

The report reflects the following information:

  1. Action (N = New, U = Updated, X = Cancelled)
  2. Product Class
  3. Guest Contact Details
  4. Policy Number
  5. Check-in/out Dates
  6. Total Trip Cost
  7. Gross Premium
  8. Net Premium

Gross Premium = total amount charged to the guest

Net Premium = total amount due to Generali

Think of the report as a running log/audit trial - if any changes are made to a reservation such as an update to the guest contact details, change to the check-in or check-out date, or a change in trip price, a new updated row will appear on the report to reflect the changes.

For example, if a reservation has travel insurance which is calculated off of the grand total of the trip price, but now the total price has changed, the report will log this change and show the price difference of the new totals.

Export the Report

The report can be exported to Excel > Saved to your computer > Emailed to Generali.

To do so, click on the "Export" icon:



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