Vacation Rental Insurance FAQ’s for Property Managers

For more information on how the integrated to Generali Travel Insurance works, please click here to read the full manual.

Why should I offer Vacation Rental Insurance?

Vacation rental insurance helps you offload risk and protect your guests. You also earn revenue.

What are the key benefits of travel insurance?

Travel insurance provides reimbursement if your guest has to cancel their trip or go home early because of a covered reason, including COVID-19 sickness. Plans can also include coverage should they get sick while traveling and need to seek medical treatment or evacuation. Insured guests also receive access to telemedicine services and 24/7 Travel Assistance.

If you rent mountain or coastal properties, regional options are available with enhanced coverage for certain weather related problems that are common in those areas.

What are the benefits of damage protection?

Vacation Rental Damage Protection is an easy alternative to taking security deposits. Guests make a one-time payment up front and receive coverage for accidental damages during their stay. Guests can relax, knowing they have coverage and are more likely to report damages if they occur.

How do I get started?

Visit us online or call us at 866-999-4018



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