Owner Charges are charges to the owner on a booking. They do not affect the amount a guest pays and are invisible to the guest. These charges do not apply to owner bookings. The amount of the charge is deducted from the base rental rate that is due to the owner and is not itemized on their statement.

Some examples of Owner Charges are channel partner fees, insurance fees, etc. The Owner Charges can either be mandatory (automatically added when a booking is made) or optional (added in the TBS).

To use the 'Owner Charges' module, please contact the CiiRUS Support Team via the Help Center to enable this module.


First, the Owner Charges must be configured before they can be applied to the booking.

To add Owner Charges, go to:

  1. Accounting > Day to Day Bookkeeping
  2. Owner Charges

From this screen,

  1. Click the "Plus" icon
  2. Enter a code and a description
  3. Click the "Save" icon
  4. Specify if it is an optional charge or mandatory
  5. Specify if it is a fixed, daily, or percentage (of base rental rate)
  6. Enter the amount
  7. Specify if the charge applies to all properties
  8. Click "Save"

Apply Owner Charge to a Booking

If the Owner Charge was configured as mandatory, it will automatically apply to the booking and deduct the amount from the owner.

To edit, delete or add a new owner charge to a booking, locate the booking and open the Total Booking Summary.

Click on the Owner Charges button located within the Rates Panel of the TBS.

Add, Edit, or Delete the Owner Charge.

The MC / Owner Amounts Panel will display the Owner Charge Amount due to the MC and deduct it from the total amount to the Owner.  

Please keep in mind, once an Owner Charge is applied, it is deducted from the rental income due to the owner. It is NOT itemized on the Owner's Account. The owner will see the amount due to them once the charge has been deducted.



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