After connecting to Airbnb through CiiRUS, there may be occasions where CiiRUS and/or Airbnb advise the Property Manager to re-authenticate their account.

What does it mean to re-authenticate?

In secure environments, authorization must always follow authentication. Users should first prove that their identities are genuine before an organization’s administrators grant them access to the requested resources.

The Property Manager must authorize CiiRUS to publish their listings to the Airbnb account.

Why might the Property Manager have to re-authenticate their account?

A common example of why re-authentication may be required is if the login credentials to Airbnb change. Another reason is if the Authorization token expires prematurely and does not refresh automatically.

How to Re-Auth Airbnb Account

To re-auth the Airbnb account, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager
  3. Airbnb

Select "View Authorizations/Re-Auth" from above the table:

From the pop-up window, click "Re-Auth." A new tab within the Internet browser will open. Follow the prompts on this screen to connect with Airbnb and re-authenticate the account.

It is very important to make sure all accounts have been logged out of Airbnb before re-authenticating the account. Prior to committing this step, urge all reservationists and staff with access to any of the Airbnb accounts to close their browsers that may contain Airbnb, and ensure that the Airbnb app on their phone is closed.



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