In addition to automating emails to the guests, the CRM also allows the Property Manager to automate SMS text messages to the guest or a specific phone number.

A first contact message will be sent to the recipient when the number being messaged has not been contacted by the system in the past 365 days. If the recipient has been contacted within this time, the first contact message will not send again.

To configure automated SMS messages, there are two steps:

  1. Create the SMS template
  2. Configure the trigger rules to automate the messages

Before using the SMS functionality, please note this is an outbound texting system, meaning the guest is unable to respond to the text. We recommend including the Property Manager’s contact information within the initial SMS Message, so the guest knows who to contact. In Phase 2 of the feature to be released at a later time, we will include the capability of recording and showing the outbound texts against the booking.

In order to use the SMS feature, please reach out to our Service & Support Team to enable it on your account. Our team will provide a pricing guide that states the standard SMS messaging fee for each supported country.

Step One: Create SMS Template

Similar to email templates, to create an SMS template, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  Manage People
  3. Newsletters & Templates

From thew Newsletters & Templates screen:

  1. Click "New Template"
  2. Enter the internal description such as, "SMS - Thank You for Staying"
  3. The email subject line does not apply for text messages, but is required, therefore, enter "N/A"
  4. Specify "CRM" from the categories
  5. Click "Save"

Next, to edit the template, click the "three-dot" icon and select "Edit Short Text Template."

When editing, it is important to select "Edit Short Text Template," so the system knows it is an SMS message.

Important: Please keep in mind, the SMS Template only supports 160 characters and no HTML Code is permitted.

Enter the content of the message using the tokens in the left panel. Double-click on a token to insert it into the message:

Step Two: Configure the CRM Rule

Once the SMS template has been created, criteria can be set so the system know when to automatically send the text.

To configure the rules, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM  Manage People
  3. Email & Rules

To add a new rule:

  1. Click the “Plus” icon
  2. Type the rule name under the “Mailer” column; for example, “SMS - Thank you for Staying”
  3. Click the “Save” icon and then click the “Edit” icon to open the configuration window  

These following are the specific rules for an SMS mailer. For more details on the other fields, Please click here to view the full User Guide on how to configure a rule/mailer.

Configure Mailer Tab:

  1. Specify the SMS Template
  2. Set the Re-Process Period to continuous - the system will scan all reservations, when it meets the exact rule, it will process the mailer and send the SMS message
  3. Once ready, click the check-box "Mailer enabled?" (At this point, the system will start to scan reservations. If they meet the rule, the message will send)

Mailer Tab:

  1. Specify the Mailer Type - select 'Reservation/Quote' and 'Transactional'
  2. Apply to 'Reservations Only'
  3. When creating the rule, set the “Delivery Type” to either “SMS Only”, “Email & SMS” or “Airbnb Messaging & SMS”
  4. Choose when to send the text, for example, send the 'Thank You for Staying with Us,' 1 day after the guest departs
  5. If applicable, specify the 'Paid Status', select certain Booking Categories and/or Properties

After applying the rules, be sure that the mailer is enabled within the "Configure Mailer" tab and then click "Save." At this point, the system will scan all reservations and once it meets the exact rules, the text message will send.  

A default text will be sent to the guest on first contact from the system or if the guest has not been contacted for 365 days. If the guest has been contacted within 365 days, they will not receive the message again.

In addition, a text will be sent to the guest upon first contact, allowing them to opt out of receiving texts / SMS messages as follows:

” Text STOP to block further status updates of your reservation. Msg&data rates may apply.”



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