A tentative booking is a booking that occupies the calendar but has not been confirmed and, therefore, has a set expiration date. This is useful for bookings that you have not received a down payment for or if the guest is not ready to book yet but has requested that you hold their dates. When the tentative expiration date passes, the booking is automatically removed from your live calendar and placed in your ‘Saved Quotes." A saved quote can be converted back into a booking, by clicking on "Quote Actions" and then "Convert quote to booking."

If a booking is made on Vrbo, but there's a problem with the guest payment or the card declines, the booking will come into CiiRUS as tentative, giving you time to follow-up with the guest for payment before confirming the booking.

To confirm a tentative booking, and remove the expiration date open the Total Booking Summary, click on the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Confirm.’ Clicking ‘Expire’ will instantly remove the booking and place it into your saved quotes.



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