There are a couple of things to troubleshoot if your emails are not sending from the CRM:

  1. Verify that you are not using the CiiRUS Default Server and instead are connected to your SMTP or Mailchimp's Transactional Emails

(Account Settings > Settings Assistant > Company Profile > Outbound Emails)

2. If you are using your SMTP server such as Gmail, Outlook, etc, ensure that the proper settings have been added and that the emails are sending. If you have changed your email password, it will need to be updated here, or if your password is not strong enough, it may not allow you to connect your SMTP server to CiiRUS.

3. If you are using Mailchimp's Transactional Emails, login to your Mailchimp account and launch the Transactional Emails to ensure that everything has been properly configured. Be sure that the API Key and Email address has been added here.

If you have verified the items above and are still having trouble sending your emails, please submit a ticket via the Help Center and a Support Rep will be happy to assist.



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