Once MC commissions are disbursed using the Disburse Owner Amounts module, if removed from the owner accounts, it will not be possible to add them back again, using the same method as before.

However, for these scenarios, there is an easy way to play with the system and basically accomplish what you are looking for, which is to re-disburse the MC Commission for the booking in question, and not have any financial discrepancies.

1) Manually change the amount for the Rental Income in the owner account, adding the rental commission.

2) The system will identify a discrepancy in the amount sent to the owner account, so the booking will appear back into the Disburse Owner Amount module, this time with an amount overpaid to the owner corresponding to the MC Commission.

​3) Select the record and process it. This will add another record into the owner account for the amount as a debit.

​4) Update the Description and Category and Category to what typically the system by default assigns.



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