The only way to test a CRM email to ensure that the tokens have populated and the formatting is correct, is to send it to yourself.

We recommend sending a test email to your email address before enabling the mailer to send to the guest.

First, ensure that the CRM Mailer is fully configured by following the steps in the Email Rules User Guide.

Next, click the "Edit" button next to the applicable email rule:

Open the "Mailer" tab and change the "Send to" field to 'Specific email address" and enter your email address:

For testing, choose to send the email "On Date Booked."

Lastly, make sure that mailer is enabled within the "Configure Mailer" tab:

Now that the mailer is configured, place a test booking and wait to receive the email.

Once you have verified that the email looks good, go back to the mailer and change the set-up to send to the guest.

Please keep in mind, the CRM processes about once an hour, so don't be alarmed if you do not receive the email right away. Please wait up to an hour to receive it.



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