What is a Lock-Off Unit?

A lock-off unit combines one or more bedrooms that could be rented as a whole unit or as an individual bedroom.

In CiiRUS, there are two types of lock-off units:

Parent Unit: This is the “master unit/listing” and is made up of/equal to the number of the child units.

Child Unit: This is the individual units/listings that make up the parent unit.

For example:

A Two Bedroom Unit will have a total of three separate listings.

Listing One: "2 Bedroom Beautiful Home with Pool" - this is the "Parent" unit/listing where the guest books the entire home)

Listing Two: "Unit A - 1 Bedroom with Pool" - this is the first child unit

Listing Three: "Unit B - 1 Bedroom with Pool" - this is the second child unit

If the entire unit is booked, the system will auto-block the individual bedrooms. However, if the guest books one of the individual bedrooms, the system will auto-block the entire unit, but will leave the other one-bedroom unit open for another potential booking.

This style of inventory maximizes occupancy by allowing 2 separate reservations placed into one unit.

If this style of booking applies to your business, please contact the Service & Support Team to enable the lock-off module for your account. Once enabled, proceed with the rest of the steps in this User Guide to complete set-up.

How to Configure the Lock-off Units

First, add and configure the parent lock-off unit.

To do this, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Assistant

Next, add the property using the Assistant:

  1. Either select an existing owner from the drop-down or create a new owner > Click "Next"
  2. Enter the parent property name
  3. Click the check-box, ‘Will this be a parent lock-off property?’ (It is important to check this box before proceeding to the next step as this setting can only be enabled at this time) > Click "Next"

Next, add the individual children units by following the same steps as above.

Please make sure NOT to click the box that says, “Will this be a parent lock-off property?” when creating the child units.

Assign the Parent Unit to the Children Units

Once the parent and child units have been created, the next step is to establish the relationship between them. To do this, the parent property will be assigned to each applicable child unit.

Go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Assistant
  3. Select the first child unit from the Property Chooser and select the "Property Basic Details" page from the drop-down menu
  4. Under “Lock-off Entire Unit Property,” select the name of the parent unit for this child unit and click the “Next” button at the bottom right of the screen to save.
  5. Complete the remaining pages within the Property Assistant by clicking Next and repeat the above steps to add the remaining child properties.

This is how the system connects the child property to the parent so when a booking is made in the parent property, the system can automatically block off the child properties and vice versa.

How to Manage Reservations for Lock-off Properties

Using the Bookings Schedule, we can easily identify the availability for the lock-off properties

Go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations
  3. Bookings Schedule

Before loading the schedule, choose the parent and associated children units from the "Property" drop-down and then click "Load Booking Schedule":

Using the example from earlier, if someone rents the 'Parent' unit (2 Bedroom Pool Home), the system will automatically enter a blackout date for the same dates in the calendar for the child units:

Since the parent unit is now booked, the children units cannot be booked for these dates.

Now if a guest books the child Unit A, the system will automatically enter a blackout date for the same dates in the calendar for the parent unit. The second child unit, Unit B, will still be available for another potential guest to book:

Important Information About Lock-offs

The lock-off module will only function correctly if each child unit is connected to the parent unit and the number of child bedrooms equals the sum of the parent unit.  

This means that within CiiRUS, lock-offs do not function correctly if a “child” unit is advertised as one listing, but also advertised as a separate listing (made up of multiple child units that are not equal to the parent unit).

For example:

Parent: 6 Bedroom House

Child 1: Unit A - 2 Bedroom

Child 2: Unit B - 2 Bedroom

Child 3: Unit C - 2 Bedroom

Child 4: Unit D - 4 Bedroom (Combined listing of unit B & C)

In the above example, the lock-offs would not be supported within CiiRUS or function correctly because of the following:

- Units B & C are individual listings.

- Unit D is made up of two child units (B & C).

- If someone was to book Unit D (4 Bedroom listing), it would lock off the parent only, and leave units A, B and C still available to rent.

Please contact the Service & Support Team to enable the lock-off module for your account, or if further assistance is needed.



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