New properties that are added to CiiRUS can be integrated with Vrbo in a few simple steps. First, it's important to ensure that the property is fully configured and meets the minimum requirements to list on Vrbo.

Once the property is fully configured in CiiRUS, then it can be synced over to Vrbo.

Property Audit

To ensure that the property meets the minimum requirements for Vrbo, use the Property Audit Tool.

Go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Property Audit
  4. Click Refresh > Using the table, make sure the property is fully configured

For more information on the Property Audit Tool, please click here.

Enable Listing for Vrbo

Once the property is 100% configured, enable it for Vrbo by going to:

  1. Channel Manager
  2. Channel Partners
  3. Vrbo

Next, before clicking the "Sync" button, verify that the following are correct:

  1. Rate Set
  2. Multiplication Factor
  3. Description Set
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Cancellation Policy
  6. Instant Booking Enabled

Then, select "Sync with Vrbo(HA)?" for the applicable listing.

Please keep in mind, after syncing the property, it can take between 24-72 hours to reflect on Vrbo. If you do not see the property within 72 hours, please submit a ticket via the Help Center.



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