On Vrbo, the Property Manager is the merchant of record. This means that the Property Manager is responsible for collecting payment from the guest. When the booking is placed on Vrbo, the guest will submit their payment details which pass over to CiiRUS. The Property Manager's credit card processor such as Stripe, VRP, or Authorize.net, will then validate the credit card details in the background and process the initial down-payment.

If there is an issue with the validation of the payment, the booking will be placed as tentative in CiiRUS, giving the Property Manager the chance to follow-up with the guest for a new payment method. Please be sure to read the User Manual on how to process tentative bookings.

When a booking is placed on Vrbo, the down-payment will automatically be processed in the system. This can be viewed by going to Reservations & Quoting > Credit Card Processing. The Property Manager is responsible for collecting the remaining payment from the guest. This can be done by sending out a balance due reminder with a payment link or setting up the booking to process automatically.



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