We are pleased to announce that major improvements and updates are in progress for the CiiRUS One system. These updates focus on providing a more efficient and intuitive experience for users.

Some examples of the updates include:

  • Updates to terminology
  • New menu titles
  • Elimination of duplicated pages on the menu
  • Simplified processes
  • Updates to tables/grids to show the most relevant data
  • Less clicks and buttons

Over the next few months, please be on the look out for these updates and stay up-to-date with the CiiRUS newsletters that go out weekly. We are excited to keep improving the interface and make your job even easier!

Read below each version update for a bulleted list of all updates and bug fixes included.

Version History

Update version: 2022.009.1 July 5 2022

  • New 'Reports' button in the Reservations List to customize and store views in the cloud to access at anytime with your team.
  • The Unit/Owner Overview tab now includes essential information in the convenient 'Need to Know' tab.

Update version: 2022.007.1 June 24 2022

  • Launch of the new Trust Accounting module, some of the new features include:
  1. End-of-Month Assistant
  2. Daily Reconciliation & Trust Account
  3. New Revenue Reports
  4. Upgraded Bill Payments Module
  5. Ability to pay vendors and cleaners via ACH
  6. Prevent further spending from owner accounts with zero/negative balances

Update version: 2022.006.1 June 6 2022

  • Re-design of the Template Builder within the Guest Communications suite in CiiRUS.
  • 'Task Manager' Interface Updates including better use of screen-space and resized thumbnail images to allow more tasks to be viewed per scroll.

Update version: 2022.004.1 April 29 2022

  • Updates have been made to the email category names within Communications > Template Builder. The new names are as follows:

Update version: 2022.004.1 April 6 2022

  • Introducing the new Listing Assistant! The old "property wizard/assistant" has been totally redesigned to deliver maximum efficiency for adding and setting up a new listing. 
  • Introducing the new Settings Assistant! The old "Software Settings Assistant" has been totally redesigned to deliver maximum efficiency for account and system setup. 
  • Staff members can now upload a profile photo under 'Guest Profile and Settings'
  • The reservation folio now displays the channel logo and the guest profile photo
  • The 'Credit Rental Income' screen now displays reservations that have not met the disbursement rule
  • Process taxes to owner, tax reports and 1099s/1042s are now each on their own dedicated screen within the Accounting module
  • 'Taxable Settings' have been reallocated from the Tax and Currency screen to the Listings Assistant
  • The Tax and Currency screen has been removed from the menu
  • 'Override PMC commission' and the 'minimum night stay' settings have been reallocated from the old Property Assistant to Advanced Unit Setup
  • New and improved window for the Guest Details found under 'Manage Guest Profiles' or the reservation folio
  • The number of nights and date booked data has been added to the reservation folio

Update version: 2022.003 March 2 2022

  • Introducing the new reservation folio! The old “total booking summary” has been totally redesigned to deliver maximum efficiency
  • Improvements to screens and grids within the Accounting Module
  • 'Property List' reallocated to Accounting > Day to Day and renamed to 'Owner Collections'
  • Update and improvements to 'Merge Records' within Communications > Manage Guests. This allows duplicate contacts to be merged into one.
  • Fixed bug where ACH file was not producing. A new menu option called 'Produce ACH File' has been added to the Accounting Menu

Update version: 2021.019 November 10th 2021

  • New 'Feature Finder' to quickly locate pages and features on the main menu
  • New 'Quick Actions' menu to quickly perform an action such as add a reservation or get a quote
  • Re-order of the main menu to display pages in order of day to day operations
  • Key menu titles changed to accurately reflect the contents and major updates to terminology throughout the system
Original Menu Title New Menu Title
Dashboard At a Glance
Channel Manager Connections
CRM Communications
Manage People Manage Guest Profiles
Email Rules Automation Rules
Newsletters & Templates Template Builder
Management Company Operations
Work Orders Maintenance
Website & Marketing Websites
Web Image Library Image Uploads
Featured Properties Featured Listings
Location Editor Add Website Locations
Custom Property Features  Custom Website Amenities
Property Sort Order Listing Sort Order
Website Logon Restrict Website Access


  • Finance Reports added to the 'Accounting' menu
  • Sub-menus added and screens re-ordered in the 'Accounting' menu, making it even than ever to complete owner statements in a logical order
  • Continued improvements to grids, screens, and terminology throughout the system
  • At a Glance > Pie Chart colors have been updated to match the reservation source and are consistent on each chart
  • Bug Fix - Can now enable 'GuestPass' against a guest contact in the reservation folio

Update version: 2021.018 October 25 2021

  • Reservations & Quoting Menu titles have been updated to accurately reflect the contents within each menu:
Original Menu Title  New Menu Title
Reservations & Quoting Reservations
View Web Inquires Reservations Inquires
Bookings Manager Reservations Manager
Bookings Schedule Reservations Schedule
Bookings List Reservations List
Credit Card Processing Payment Processing
Cart Settings Reservations Extras 

For more details on the pages above, please visit the Reservations User Guide.

  • Duplicated pages under the "Reservations" menu have been removed, but can still be accessed via the Listings Assistant.
  • Airbnb Reviews have been moved from the Management Company menu to the Reservations menu
  • Improvements when adding a work order have been made. Instead of entering the work order details in a pop-up window, you can now edit the details directly in the table.
  • Under Owners & Listings > MC Specific Property Details, the settings on this page have been re-allocated to the Advanced Unit Set Up and this page has been removed.
  • The Unit Added Date has been moved to Advanced Unit Setup
  • Unit Comments have been moved to Advanced Unit Setup.

Update version: 2021.017 October 13 2021

  • New modern font applied to all workspaces
  • Key menu titles changed to accurately reflect the contents and major updates to terminology throughout the system
Original Terminology New Terminology 
Property Unit/Listing
Property Assistant  Listing Assistant
Software Settings Assistant Software Assistant
Booking Reservation
SecureTrack System Users
Total Booking Summary Booking Folio
Owner Account Categories Owner Transaction Types 
Account Settings Global Settings
Booking Categories Reservation Sources
Owners & Homes Owners & Listings
Quick Property Setup Advanced Unit Setup
Property Audit Channel Listings Audit


  • Duplicated pathways to the same screens remove
  • Contents inside grids/tables with editable fields are now editable by default. You no longer need to press an edit button, just click into the cell you want to edit, and get to work.
  • Columns in many grids/tables have been strategically re-ordered to provide a more logical workflow
  • Columns that are essential and informative will be enabled by default in all grids/tables, rather than requiring use of the column chooser
  • Non-utilized or irrelevant columns have moved into the column chooser on many grids/tables. 
  • Pop-up windows can now be moved around on the screen
  • Outbound email settings have been reallocated from Company Profile and moved onto its own dedicated page within the Software Assistant
  • Contacts and Vendors have been made easier to add and the grid has been re-ordered to show the most pertinent data. Other columns have been moved into the column chooser.
  • The GuestPass page has been removed from the Software Settings Assistant, but can still be found by going to Guest Services > GuestPass on the menu
  • "Booking Categories" have been renamed to "Reservation Sources"
  • "Owner Account Categories" have been renamed to "Owner Transaction Types"
  • Screens within the Software Assistant have been re-ordered into a more logical order
  • Headers & Footers within the Software Assistant have been re-allocated to Software Assistant > General Owner Accounting
  • Previews of each owner statement layout have been added to Software Assistant > General Owner Accounting
  • Global Terms and Conditions have been re-allocated to Software Assistant > General Reservation Settings
  • Global Balance Due Settings have been re-allocated to Software Assistant > General Reservation Settings
  • Bug fix for Balance Due Settings where the system would not allow you to save if it was left blank
  • Improvements have been made to the "Owner Profiles" screen and settings under Owners & Homes > Owners 
  • "Lightbulb" description boxes added to many screens, providing quick tips and how-to guides

Update version: 2021.016.1 / September 23 2021

  • Bookings List: Love Rentals suppliers can now see guest name, email and tel when 'Show Contact Details' is enabled.
  • Trust accounting: when deleting a trust account transaction, the system will unreconcile and clear and associated guest / owner payments in the 'Daily Reconciliation' screen, so they can be re-exported.
  • Removed 'Notifications and Reminders' and moved the 'Balance Due Settings' to the 'General Reservation Settings' in the Settings Assistant.
  • Card / Bank Account Details: Fixed issue where Aruba and some other countries showed up multiple times in the country selector
  • Fixed issue in Task Manager not showing the full check-list
  • Email not populating the token from the subject line when sending from preview mode



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