The following should be configured before giving guests access to GuestPass: 

  1. Google Maps API Key  
  2. House Rules  
  3. Local Attractions  
  4. Administrator Settings and theme 

Please note, from the administrator settings, permissions can be set to disable the House Rules and Local Attractions. If these will be disabled, there is no need to configure these in CiiRUS. If they are not disabled, and are left blank, it will appear to guests as if information is missing.


To access the settings for GuestPass, navigate to:

  1. Communications  
  2. GuestPass

Google Maps API Key

For instructions to obtain the key, sign into your Google account and follow the steps provided by Google. Or click the link “How to get the API Key,” to open the User Guide for detailed instructions provided by CiiRUS. 

After obtaining the key, copy and paste it into the Google Maps API Key field:

Next, configure the House Rules and Local Attractions. The House Rules and Local Attractions menus each have their own tab in the workspace. The selected tab will be highlighted in blue. 

House Rules

From the House Rules tab, add rules that apply to either all units or only certain units. Some examples of House Rules may be:

  • No smoking allowed
  • No pets allowed
  • Check-in procedures
  • Check-out procedures
  • Trash pick-up instructions

To add a new rule: 

  1. Click the "plus" icon 
  2. Enter the rule title, such as “No Smoking Allowed”  
  3. Enter the rule details, such as “No Smoking inside the home. Violations will be subject to a fee”  
  4. To specify the order in which House Rules appear to the guest, enter a numerical value in the Order field. If applicable, rules with a lower numerical value will appear before rules with a higher numerical value. This step is optional. 
  5. Select if a rule applies to all units by enabling the checkbox. If not, select the "house" icon and specify the applicable units using the checkbox in the first column. Then click “Apply to Selected Units” 
  6. Click the "save" icon 

Local Attractions

Once House Rules have been configured, enter Local Attractions by selecting the Local Attractions tab. These can include nearby Theme Parks, beaches, shopping, and restaurants. 

To add a new attraction: 

  1. Click the “plus” icon 
  2. Enter the location title, such as “Cocoa Beach”  
  3. Enter the location description 
  4. Enter the location URL (click "Open Google Maps" > Type the attraction in Google Maps > Copy and paste the URL into this field in CiiRUS)  
  5. Select the image uploader to add an image of the attraction 
  6. To specify the order in which Local Attractions appear to the guest, enter a numerical value in the Order field. If applicable, attractions with a lower numerical value will appear before attractions with a higher numerical value. This step is optional. 
  7. Select if it applies to all units. If not, select the "house" icon and specify the applicable units 
  8. Click "Save" 

The below animation demonstrates how to add a Google Maps URL and upload the image for a Local Attraction.

Repeat the above steps to enter all applicable House Rules and Local Attractions.

Previewing GuestPass & Administrator Settings

As the administrator, the property manager can set a theme and permissions from the portal via 'Preview' mode. The portal can be viewed from the perspective of a fictitious guest.

In this new version of GuestPass, there is no need to create a test reservation or login to enter the preview mode.  

To log into the GuestPass preview, go to:

  1. Guest Services
  2. GuestPass
  3. Select "Open Guest Portal as Administrator"
  4. Select a unit and click "Open Guest Portal"

A new tab will open within the browser. The system will automatically authenticate you as an administrator and bypass the login process. This preview version of GuestPass emulates what an actual guest might see, bearing in mind that in a real scenario, the reservation and guest-specific information will reflect accurately, rather than the fictitious example.

Permissions and themes can be set by clicking the "gear" icon on the right of the screen. 

The gear icon is only available to the property manager when logged in through the Administrator mode. Guests will not see this icon.


First, set the theme by choosing a color. The color will apply to buttons, banners, titles, and other visuals throughout the portal. This is the color that will reflect for all guests when they log in and it automatically saves once it's been selected.  

Set Permissions

Click on "Set Permissions" to enable or disable certain information:

Simply toggle on or off to enable or disable a permission:

Dashboard Banner

Lastly, choose a banner image to display on the Dashboard page. Choose from a selection of stock images that which best represents your brand. The image selector is located beneath the permission toggles.

Simply select an image and click "Save."

The dashboard will reflect the chosen image:

After completing the configuration, the property manager can set up automated emails or SMS messages to send to the guest with their GuestPass login credentials.

For more information about setting up automated email & SMS notifications for GuestPass, proceed to the next article.



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