Give guests a backstage pass to their vacation with GuestPass, CiiRUS's newly relaunched guest portal. The application is optimized for mobile, making it easier than ever for guests to access trip information, add concierge services, instantly check-in and check-out, view house rules, browse local attractions, and much more. Connect with your guests in real-time, and save time and resources with in-app communication tools.  

Put your brand front and center with each and every guest. GuestPass can be customized and branded to your property management company, with custom theme building and permission control. 

The goal of GuestPass is to provide the property manager with the following:

  • Branded, mobile-responsive portal that matches the look and feel of their company.
  • Efficient method to upsell concierge services and travel insurance by allowing guests to add booking extras and submit payment directly in the portal.
  • Decrease reservationists' time by allowing guests to check-in and out in real-time.
  • Maximize guest satisfaction by providing real-time communication and allowing them to raise an issue if a problem is found during their stay.

The property manager can customize permissions for each module that will be visible to guests.

Please continue this User Guide to learn how to configure GuestPass with House Rules, Local Attractions, and provide login information to the guest.

GuestPass Video Tutorial



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