After completing the GuestPass configuration, the property manager can automate emails and SMS messages to the guest with credentials to login to the portal.

The system comes with two pre-configured GuestPass email templates to send to the guest: a CRM template that can be automated on the desired date, and an on-demand reservation template which can be sent directly from the reservation. The emails include GuestPass information and login details. Remember that email templates are completely customizable and additional email templates or SMS messages can be configured to send to the guest. For more information on the CRM and automated messaging, please click here.

Please read this article to learn how to email or message the guest with their login information.

Admin Login

Before providing login details to the guest, the property manager can preview GuestPass for any given property without needing to create a test booking or login. This is a great way to view what the portal looks like from the guest's perspective and ensure that the configuration has been completed. This is covered extensively in the previous article.

To open GuestPass from the admin mode, go to:

  1. Communications > GuestPass
  2. Select "Open Guest Portal as Administrator"
  3. Select a property and click "Open Guest Portal"

Guest Login

Using the CRM, emails or SMS messages can be automatically sent to the guest with their GuestPass login details. By default, CiiRUS has two pre-configured email templates that can be sent to the guest:

1. CRM - GuestPass (automated email) 

2. Manual- GuestPass (on-demand reservation email) 

To preview or edit these templates, navigate to:

  1. Communications
  2. Template Builder
  3. Type "GuestPass" in the description column to easily identify the templates

If these default templates are missing, click the "Create Default Templates" button located above the table. This will automatically populate your CiiRUS system with the pre-configured email templates; any duplicates or unwanted templates can be deleted from the system by clicking the "trash" icon.

To preview or edit the GuestPass email template, click the "three-dot" icon and select "Edit HTML Template."

The template designer will open - make any necessary changes using the available tokens.

Please note, the following tokens are required to provide the logins details:

  1. Portal URL: [guestportalurl] - this will populate with a link for the guest to click on to open GuestPass
  2. Portal username: [guestportalusername] - this will populate with the email address of the lead guest against the reservation; the email address is always the username and cannot be modified
  3. Portal password: [guestportalpassword] - this will populate with the password; this is auto generated by the system

Be sure to click the "Save" button after making any changes.

While the default templates are a great starting-point, any CRM Template can include GuestPass login details using the above-referenced tokens. This makes it simple to include GuestPass log-in details with other communication such as confirmations, arrival instructions, and so on.

For more information on creating email templates and automating emails, please read the following User Guides:

How to create email templates

How to automate emails to the guest

Send on-demand GuestPass Email

In addition to automated messaging via the CRM, GuestPass login details can be sent by a CiiRUS user to a guest on demand.

To do so, locate the applicable reservation:

  1. Click the "ellipses" (three vertical dots) icon
  2. Select "Send Confirmation"
  3. Choose the GuestPass email
  4. Either preview or send directly to the guest

Reset GuestPass Portal Password

Should the guest's password need to be reset for any reason, it can be done so against the guest record in the CRM.

Using the search bar at the top of any screen, quickly locate the guest's profile:

  1. Type the guest's last name and click the search icon
  2. Click the "person" icon next to the guest name to open the profile
  3. Open the GuestPass Account panel
  4. Click "Reset password" and then "Email to Guest"

Resetting the password will automatically reflect the new password on the previously configured email templates using the tokens.



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