First and foremost, thank you for choosing CiiRUS as your system to drive and operate your business. We could not be more excited to start the Onboarding Journey with you. 

Trust us, this is not our first rodeo. We totally get it, transitioning and migrating to a brand-new system can be a massive undertaking.  In addition to your normal day to day activities of meeting your owner expectations, guest services and operations, it is never ending in the Vacation Rental Industry and now you would like to learn a brand-new system. Don’t worry! Our goal is to make this a successful and seamless transition for you and your business. We look forward to your company's successful launch with CiiRUS. Welcome to better software!

This user guide is designed for new CiiRUS users to learn what to expect throughout the Onboarding Journey. It provides everything you need for success. From what to expect in each session to post training session homework.

What Can We Do for You - Migrating Listing Data:

Listing Data Who is responsible? (CiiRUS or PMC) 
Basic Listing Details CiiRUS Data Migration Team
Location Details CiiRUS Data Migration Team
Airbnb Features 
Vrbo Features 
Unit Access Codes  PMC 
Housekeeping Fees 
Down Payment / Balance  Settings
CiiRUS Data Migration Team 
Pool Heat Fees
Listing Title & Description 
CiiRUS Data Migration Team 
Listing Images 
Date Bands & Nightly Rates  

Please find a full breakdown of each stage and the corresponding homework throughout the Onboarding Journey below. Keep in mind, when you meet for one-on-one training, the Onboarding Journey will be catered to your business, so some stages or items may not apply to your business model.

You will meet with a CiiRUS Customer Success Manager for a one-on-one training session for each stage listed below. To be as efficient as possible, please come prepared for each training session with questions and be focused to learn about your system.  As mentioned, you will be given “homework” and asked to review, audit and action items between sessions to ensure your success.  

Pre-Live Stage One: Complete System and Listing Setup  

What to Expect:

Training Session One (Approx. 2 Hour Training Session) 

  1. Understanding the Interface & Grids  
  2. Software Settings Assistant Fundamentals  
  • Overview of Account Setup
  • Overview of Operations Setup
  • Overview of Reservation & Fees Setup

4. Listing Assistant Fundamentals

  • Overview of Listing Content Settings
  • Overview of Reservation Settings
  • Overview of Specific Unit Settings

5. Advanced Unit Setup

  • General 
  • Location 
  • Housekeeping 

6. Channel Listing Audit Tool

7. Reservation Extras


  1. Complete the Settings Assistant
  2. Verify and complete the listing information using the Listing Assistant
  3. Configure Advanced Unit Setup
  4. Add or Edit Rates
  5. Audit the Channel Listings Audit
  6. Add Reservation Extras
  7. Connect to a Credit Card Processing Company (Stipe, VRP, or Lynbrook Group)

Pre-Live Stage One: Website Setup

What to Expect:

Website Consultation (Approx. 30 minutes Session) 

  1. Review of current website templates available
  2. Review options for keeping your current website
  3. Review the process of building a new website
  4. How to obtain a domain and SSL certificate
  5. General website Q&A


  1. Choose a website package & template
  2. Complete the Website Content JotForm
  3. Configure Featured Listings
  4. Configure Website Locations
  5. Generate a Google Map API Key
  6. Secure Website with an SSL Certificate to Launch Website and eCiiGN Agreements

Pre-Live Stage Two: Owner Profiles & Portal

What to Expect:

Training Session Two Owner Profiles (Approx. 2 Hours Session) 

  1. Review Owner Profiles
  2. Owner Portal Permissions - What Will Your Owners Have Access To via the Owner Portal -
  3. Discovering the Owner Portal  

Pre-Live Stage Three: Prepare for Channels Launch

What to Expect:

Channels Discovery & Consult (Approx. 2 Hours Session) 

  1. Obtain Existing Channel Login Credentials  
  2. Ensure Listings are Configured to 100%  
  3. Confirm Tax Configuration is Complete  
  4. Ensure Credit Card Processor Integration is Complete  
  5. Configure Outbound Email Settings  
  6. Complete CRM Sequence of Emails 
  7. Complete the Airbnb Mapping Sheet 


  1. Work on the checklist of items above to prepare to launch to the channels

Pre-Live Stage Four: Communications & Automations

What to Expect:

Emails & Communication Training Session  (Approx. 2 Hours Session) 

  1. Outbound Email Settings - Mailchimp Transactional Emails versus SMTP (Pros and Cons) 
  2. Outbound Communication (Email, SMS and Airbnb) Templates 
  3. Automation Rules
  4. Managing Past, Present, and Future Guests  
  5. Review channel checklist to launch to channels

What to Bring to the session for Over Achievers: 

  1. If applicable, bring your email login credentials for SMTP Setup 
  2. If applicable, create a MailChimp Account and bring login credentials 
  1. If appliable, bring your domain provider credentials (GoDaddy, Wix, etc.) 
  2. Start thinking of your Automation Sequence of Emails, for example: 
  • Thank you for Booking! 
  • Balance Due Reminder 
  • Booking Confirmation  
  • Arrival Instructions 
  • In Vacation Mode – Is There Anything We Can Do to Enhance your Stay? 
  • Review Request  

Pre-Live Stage Five:  Reservation Cycle and Flow

What to Expect:

Reservation Cycle & Flow Training Session  (Approx. 2 Hours Session) 

  1. How to Locate a Reservation  
  2. Airbnb Reservation Flow & Process  
  3. Vrbo Instant Book Reservation Flow & Process 
  4. Vrbo Request to Book Flow & Process 
  5. Credit Card Email Templates  
  6. Processing Credit Card Transactions 


  1. Update availability by inputting blackout dates/stop-sale reservations
  2. Prepare for the Data Migration Team to import past, present and future reservations

Post-Live Stage Six: Reservation Audit & Operations

What to Expect:

Post-Live Fundamentals Training Session  (Approx. 2 Hours Session) 

  1. How to audit each reservation
  2. Housekeeping Module 
  3. Work Order Module 
  4. Task Manager  
  5. Reporting  


  1. Complete the Reservation Audit Checklist
  2. Setup tasks for Task Manager

Please note the Data Migration Team is often not able to import all financial information. The reservation audit is crucial to complete for future reservations prior to generating owner statements. There are nine steps to complete the Reservation Audit Checklist from the reservation folio.

Post-Live Stage Seven: End of Month Process & Accounting Fundamentals

What to Expect:

Accounting Fundamentals Training Session  (Approx. 2 Hours Session) 

  1. Owner Accounting Settings
  2. End of Month Process
  3. General Q&A

Complete the Onboarding Joruney

Congratulations on completing the Onboarding Journey! With hard work and dedication, you are ready to fully use the CiiRUS system.

If an issue or question should arise, please don’t hesitate to submit a ticket via the CiiRUS Help Center.



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