Access the 'Owner and Unit Overview' from anywhere in CiiRUS to quickly pull up details of a unit. For example, if a guest calls in with some questions about the unit that they have booked, to save opening the Listing Assistant or going to the Owner Profile, simply open the overview to gather the details for the guest.

The overview consists of the following:

  1. Owner Details
  2. Unit Details
  3. Unit Images
  4. Need-To-Know Information
  5. Pool Heat Details (for PMC's with the 'Pool Heat' module enabled)

How to Access the 'Owner and Unit Overview'

No matter where you are in CiiRUS, you can quickly open the 'Owner and Unit Overview' by selecting the 'house' icon from the upper left menu next to the logo:

The 'Owner and Unit Overview' window is broken into five tabs:

  1. Owner
  2. Unit
  3. Images
  4. Need-to-Know
  5. Pool Heat

The details here correspond to the selected unit from the 'Unit Chooser.'

Please note, the details found in the 'Owner and Unit Overview' are read-only meaning the details cannot be edited or updated from here. The data pulls from various places in the system based on configuration. For example, owner information can be edited by going to Owners & Listings > Owner Profiles.

Owner Tab

This tab displays the owner's contact details, username and password to the owner portal and their address. To modify this information, please go to: Owners & Listings > Owner Profiles.

Unit Tab

This tab displays information about the unit such as the internal name, address and bedroom configuration. To modify this information, please go to: Owners & Listings > Listing Assistant.

Images Tab

This tab has an image gallery to display the uploaded photos for this listing. This is helpful if the guest has a specific question where it's easier to reference the images.  To add or delete images, please go to: Owners & Listings > Listing Assistant.

Need-To-Know Tab

This tab has some helpful information about the unit such as the selling features, access codes, arrival info, booking restrictions and any additional fees/extras that are configured for this unit. This can be especially helpful for the reservation team who might need to answer a question from the guest such as, "Is this property close to the beach?" Rather than having to open the Listing Assistant and navigate to the amenities page, the information can quickly be found here.

The additional fees & extras shows any reservation extras that are applied to the selected unit.

Pool Heat

For users that have the 'Pool Heat' module enabled against their CiiRUS account, the Pool Heat tab will be visible. This tab shows the pool heat amenities, pool heat charge, internal comments and notes.



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