First and foremost, thank you for choosing CiiRUS as your system to drive and operate your business. We could not be more excited to start the Onboarding Journey with you. 

Trust us, this is not our first rodeo. We totally get it, transitioning and migrating to a brand-new system can be a massive undertaking.  In addition to your normal day to day activities of meeting your owner expectations, guest services and operations, it is never ending in the Vacation Rental Industry and now you would like to learn a brand-new system. Don’t worry! Our goal is to make this a successful and seamless transition for you and your business. We look forward to your company's successful launch with CiiRUS. Welcome to better software!

With the CiiRUS Onboarding Journey Tool, the process could not be easier. This tool is designed for new users embarking on the Onboarding Journey - it is broken into stages that correspond to each training session within the journey. Within each stage, post-training session homework is provided by an interactive check-list where each item can be marked as complete to easily track your progress.

If you are a new user and do not see the Onboarding Journey in your system, please contact your dedicated Onboarding Success Manager to enable the tool for your account.


The Onboarding Journey can be opened from anywhere in the system. To open the tool, please select the 'journey' icon located in the upper-right corner next to the save icon:

The Onboarding Journey is made up of three main sections:

  1. Static Header
  2. Stage Tabs
  3. Stage Content (What to Expect, Upcoming/Past Training Session info, Homework)

Onboarding Journey Timeline

The journey consists of ten stages as shown below:

Each stage is represented by a tab on the left side of the Onboarding Journey tool:

Please note, each stage will be unlocked as you move through the training program. Until then, the stage will be locked and not visible. Contact your dedicated Onboarding Success Manager if you wish to unlock a stage earlier in the journey.

Within each stage, you can find 'What to Expect' in the upcoming training session by clicking the 'question mark' icon next to the stage title:

You can also view the upcoming training session scheduled date, time and the link to join the session:

Forgot to take notes? We have you covered! Once the session is completed, you can find the GoToMeeting recording link so you or a team-member can look back on the recorded meeting:

After the training session, you will be given homework to complete prior to the next training date. It is important to complete the homework to reinforce training and ensure that the software is being configured properly ready to launch to the channels and complete owner accounting.

Reference the homework in each tab:

Click on the links within each step and the system will quickly navigate you to the correct place in the system to complete the homework. After completing the step, click the red circle to mark it as complete.

Submit a Ticket

If you have any questions as you are moving through the Onboarding Journey, click "Submit a Ticket" to communicate with your dedicated Onboarding Success Manager via the CiiRUS Help Center.



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