Pay cleaners directly from the system by creating a check or ACH payment based on what has been invoiced by the cleaner or vendor.


To pay the cleaners, go to:

  1. Trust Accounting
  2. Process Payouts > Pay Cleaners

Apply Filters to the Table

First, enter the desired date range using the "Start Date" and "End Date" calendars. For example, to pay the cleaner for all cleans in June, select June 1st to June 30th from the date-pickers.

If there is more than one cleaner, specify the cleaner in the "Cleaners" drop-down.

Be sure to check "Include Financials" to show the amount due to the cleaner in the table.

Click "Apply Filters" to load the table:

The table will display all cleans for the applied date range.

Financial Details

It is important to verify that the financial details are accurate against each clean. This information should automatically populate in the table if the cleaning costs are entered in Advanced Unit Setup.

  1. Clean Cost to MC - this is the total cost due to the cleaner for their services and should match the invoice from the cleaner
  2. Charge to Guest - this is how much the guest paid for the clean, if applicable. This may include a mark-up.
  3. Charge to Owner - this is how much the owner paid for the clean, if applicable. This may include a mark-up.  

The table displays the cost against each clean and the grand total at the bottom of the table. The price can be overridden before paying the cleaner.

Pay Cleaner

To pay the cleaner for their services, follow these six steps:

  1. Select the applicable cleans that have been invoiced using the checkbox in the first column or select all
  2. Click "Pay Housekeeper"
  3. Specify the cleaner from the drop-down
  4. Enter the bill amount - this is the amount that the cleaner has invoiced
  5. The system will calculate the selected amount and will populate a difference, if any. If there is a difference, reference the clean amounts from the table to ensure they are accurate and match what the cleaner has invoiced
  6. Click "Ok" to generate the bill payment for the cleaner

Cleaner Bill Payment

After paying the housekeeper, a new bill payment will be created with a unique ID for reference. Click 'Yes' to view the bill and finish processing the payment:

Reference the units and amounts included within the bill:

Follow the steps in the Bill Payments User Guide to process payment to the cleaner via check or ACH.



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