Pay vendors directly from the system by creating a check or ACH payment based on what has been invoiced by the vendor. Simultaneously charge the owner for any maintenance expenses and process to the owner account.


To process maintenance to owners and vendors, go to:

  1. Trust Accounting
  2. Process Maintenance to Owners

Apply Filters to the Table

First, enter the desired date range using the "From" and "To" date-picker calendars.

Be sure to enable, "Show Complete," so completed work orders are visible to process the charge to the vendor.

The table will display all work orders for the applied date range. A new work order can be added directly from this screen by clicking the 'plus' icon.

Financial Details

It is important to verify that the financial details are accurate against each work order.

  1. Charge to Owner - this is the amount charged to the owner which may include a mark-up.
  2. Amount to Vendor - this is the total cost due to the vendor for their services and should match the invoice from the vendor.
  3. Calculated Markup - the system will automatically calculate the profit due to the Property Manager

The price can be overridden before paying the vendor by typing in the field and selecting the 'save' icon:

Pay Vendor

To pay the vendor for their services, follow these steps:

  1. Select the applicable work orders that have been invoiced using the checkbox in the first column or select all
  2. Click "Pay Vendor"
  3. Specify the vendor from the drop-down
  4. Enter the bill amount - this is the amount that the vendor has invoiced
  5. The system will calculate the selected amount and will populate a difference, if any. If there is a difference, reference the work order amounts from the table to ensure they are accurate and match what the vendor has invoiced
  6. Click "Ok" to generate the bill payment for the vendor

Vendor Bill Payment

A bill payment will be created for the applicable vendor and will display the amount per property and the total amount due to the vendor for their assigned work orders:

From the bill payment, a check can be printed or an ACH payment can be generated to pay the vendor.  Follow the steps in the Bill Payments User Guide to process payment to the vendor via check or ACH.



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